Shadi el-Hajj

Shadi el-Hajj

Founder at Refraction Labs

Barcelona y alrededores, España
Producción multimedia
  1. Refraction Labs,
  2. Mubawab
  1. Paradizo,
  2. ZapprTV,
  3. Music Technology Group, UPF
  1. Institut des Arts de Diffusion
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Coming from both a media and technology background, Shadi el-Hajj has been deeply involved in the past years with the startup world as co-founder and technical director of several ventures such as Mubawab, Paradizo and ZapprTV. A passionate entrepreneur, he is finally making a lifelong dream come to existence with Refraction Labs, A Digital Art studio exploring live visuals, interactive installations, digital performances & 3D projection mapping.


  • Founder

    Refraction Labs
    – actualidad (3 años 11 meses)Barcelona y alrededores, España

    A digital art studio exploring live visuals, interactive installations, digital performances & 3D projection mapping. Refraction Labs harnesses innovation in order to create novel experiences.

  • Co-Founder

    – actualidad (6 años 7 meses)Barcelona y alrededores, España

    Mubawab is an online classifieds startup focusing on the Middle East and North Africa markets. As a founder I was involved from day one in setting up the company and raising funding from international business angels. Responsibilities as a technical director included setting up the technical platorm, recruiting and managing the development team.

  • Technical Director

    (1 año 7 meses)

    Paradizo: Designed and implemented the Paradizo website (
    The main web application features a distributed, enterprise-grade Java backend designed for high-traffic, and integrated with an ECM and a search server. The AJAX frontend is Search Engine optimized and internationalized.
    The fast changing world of Internet as well as Paradizo specificities dictated for a domain-driven design and feature-driven development approach which allowed for a shortened time-to-market.
    Responsibilities at Paradizo include analyzing business requirements, setting up and supervising the development process, managing the development team.

  • RIA solutions architect

    (5 meses)

    Design and implementation of a fully-featured IPTV platform prototype, ZapprTV ( The platform leveraged advanced RIA technologies: a Flex MVC frontend backed by a BlazeDS Java services platform. UML methodologies were applied during design phase.

  • Software Engineer & Project Management

    Music Technology Group, UPF
    (1 año 3 meses)

    Project management on the CANTATA ITEA project ( Representation of MTG at various CANTATA meetings and workshops notably the ITEA industrial symposium (Berlin, 2007).
    Design and implementation of a Personalized IPTV prototype for the CANTATA project. The Prototype was shown at the ITEA symposium as a joint demo with Philips Research.
    Research and implementation of algorithms for high-level description of music based on audio signal analysis. A US Patent has been filed by MTG covering these algorithms.

  • Software Engineer

    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
    (2 años)

    Design and implementation of an optimized image C++ processing library within the CHIL IST project ( The library leverages advanced knowledge in C++ interface design and CPU vector unit optimization.
    Research and implementation of robust image segmentation and background removal algorithms for the CHIL project.

  • Photographer

    (4 años)

    Set photographer on the long feature Khalass(Enough!), directed by prominent lebanese filmmaker Borhane Alaouié.
    Set photographer on the long feature Evanova, directed by Fouad Charafeddine.
    Photography work for the official guide of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism: Clef pour le Liban (A key to Lebanon).
    Photography work for the official guide of the Monaco event Le Liban à Monaco (Lebanon in Monaco).
    Travel stories and pictures from a trip to Egypt and Kenya. Published in July and August 1999 issues of Masculin magazine.

  • Assistant Director

    NOUR Productions
    (1 año)

    Third Assistant director on the long feature Behind the lines, directed by Jean Chamoun.


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    Systems and methods for determining similarity between two or more audio pieces are disclosed. An illustrative method for determining musical similarities includes extracting one or more descriptors from each audio piece, generating a vector for each of the audio pieces, extracting one or more audio features from each of the audio pieces, calculating values for each audio feature, calculating a distance between a vector containing the normalized values and the vectors containing the audio pieces, and outputting a response to a user or process indicating the similarity between the audio pieces. The descriptors can be used in performing content-based audio classification and for determining similarities between music. The descriptors that can be extracted from each audio piece can include tonal descriptors, dissonance descriptors, rhythm descriptors, and spatial descriptors.




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  • I worked with Shadi for the last 3 months. During that time I found him to be highly competent, professional and hard-working. He is a very pro-active, autonomus and with very clear ideas. He is results oriented and innovative. He is also a great guy to work with.
  • As project leader of a large European project on multimedia content analysis, I worked together with Shadi where he was responsible for the design and integration of a content-aware personalized TV implementation. Shadi is very good communicator and has excellent skills on all aspects of software development and system design. I highly recommend him!


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